Spring: Immerse yourself in the fresh scents of nature

When the snow has just melted and the ground starts to thaw, you can enjoy the singing of the many birds, the long evenings and the sounds of the wonderful nature on your walks during the spring.

Because of the dry continental climate, you can experience a wonderful spring time in Sweden, with pleasant temperatures during the day and cool evenings. The May holidays can therefore be very pleasant.


Discover the magic of the forest.

A walk in the woods is a relief for all your senses, a way to feel at one with nature. Sweden is the country with endless and beautiful forests. In the Hunge area, you can still experience true silence. No cars, but the rustling of the trees, the whistling of the birds and chipping woodpeckers. And who knows, you might see a deer, an elk or one of the many fowl species.

Want to stretch your legs and take a walk along the turquoise waterfalls? In that case, you should try walking along the Forsaleden, about 12 km from Hus Hotell Hunge. One of the absolute gems of our area. Remains of a summer meadow, fishing, swimming in natural pools with turquoise waters. A 7 km forest path along the Forsaån, partly rocky terrain over wooden footbridges. Along the path there are waterfalls, streams and ponds.

St. Olavsleden is a pilgrimage path, about 25 km from Hus Hotell Hunge, that runs from Selånger, Sweden, to the Baltic coast to Trondheim, Norway. The path follows the trail of St. Olav, who set foot in Sweden after his exile to regain the throne of Norway.

Jämtland offers many walking opportunities for both experienced and beginner hikers.

From Hus Hotell Hunge there are also various hiking options.

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Fishing, what more could you want…

What could be better than grilling your self-caught fish on the barbeque at the end of the day? In Sweden, this dream can become a reality The Hungesjön, and many other lakes in the area, are rich in fish. You can catch trout, perch, roach and pike. However, you need a fishing licence and there are certain rules for some fish. The fishing license can be obtained about 100 meters from Hus Hotell Hunge and via the iFISKE app

Canoeing on quiet waters

Become one with nature on the water. Propel yourself on smooth water along the shore and try to spot the animals. Of course you will take your fika stuff and rest at one of the covered grills. Hungesjön is connected with the two lakes Brehungen and Strången further downstream. The Hungesjön is about 10 kilometres in length, with several smaller islands where you can catch a break. Canoes can be rented in Gällö, 25 km from Hus Hotell Hunge. If you have your own canoe, be sure to bring it along and enjoy the many lakes.

Zomer in Zweden

Take a refreshing dive in the lake.

If you like a challenge, you might want to take a dive in the lake in spring. The water is still really cool then. From Hus Hotell Hunge you can walk in your bathrobe to the Hungesjön where you can walk into the shallow water and take your dive. The water is clear to the point where you can see the fish swimming. It is truly a special experience. Who knows, you might get the hang of it and make it your daily morning ritual.

Explore the surroundings by bike

There are no bicycles for rent in the vicinity of Hus Hotell Hunge, so bring your own bicycles/mountain bikes. Cycling in Jämtland gives you the opportunity to explore the rugged hills and landscape. You can also ride along the lakes or through the forests. And don’t forget the city, which you can also explore by bike.


Animal spotting in spring.

Watching the animals in spring is extra special, because they often have their babies with them. You also have to watch out, because mothers are extra alert! It is a beautiful experience to spot a young elk, so always have your camera at hand! Elks, foxes, squirrels, lynx, reindeer and many bird species can be discovered just like that.